Stop, slow down to reflect on your life!!!

  1. People REMEMBER many things (old memories, painful past, loss…), but they forget one thing: FORGOTTEN GRACE (GRATITUDE).
  2. People care about many things from the outside (appearance, comparing superiority, talking about other people’s stories…), but they forget one thing: FORGET TO TAKE CARE OF THEMSELVES FROM THE INSIDE.
  3. People think about getting rich from the outside (stems, leaves, branches, tops…), but they forget one thing: GETTING RICH MUST START FROM ROOTS & SEEDS.

On Sunday, September 17, 2023, I was invited to attend & share as a guest expert in a special training program: Return to Yourself (R2Y).

The first thing that makes me feel honored, happy & proud is the warm welcome from the majority of the public after a long time without me sharing many lessons & interesting experiences related to the topic. themes of awakening, returning within, etc. also known as: LEARNING TO BE HUMAN.

With that enthusiastic response, I felt like I was reliving the “destiny” of my life, which is: GIVING

Too many questions, too many interesting situations that students have sent to the Board of Organizing. After being initiated and enlightened, the students burst into joy, many tears of happiness were shed throughout the program.

And, right now I want to share with you the great lessons that have been “decoded” in this program.

Lesson #1:

What “know” is important to know? More than 90% of the students in the auditorium answered incorrectly. The correct answer is: GRATEFULNESS (grateful to the country, grateful to parents, teachers, grateful to one’s own body). It sounds simple, but only through experience, only through actual study can one understand this truth.

Lesson #2:

Which bank can keep assets and wealth forever? The answer of the majority of students is… central banks, state banks where people deposit money, savings books, etc.

But the truth is… Merits bank. When we know how to give, know how to think about others, know how to do good deeds…, this is the root to achieve all great achievements in life. And, have you ever heard the saying: When the blessing (merit) ends, the disaster comes?

Lesson #3:

If you want to be successful and successful, where do you start? In the student’s answer it was… starting from the roots. That’s right, but not enough, the correct answer is… starting from the Seed, which in Buddhism is called: Seed.

If we don’t love ourselves (the seed of love), how can we love others? If we live without morality (moral seeds), how can we expect others to treat us ethically? If we don’t plant and care for the seeds of wealth and prosperity, how can we become sustainably rich?

Lessons four, five, six, seven…, there are too many lessons, theories & immutable truths that cannot be shared with you all within the framework of this article. There is only one way… the eyes see, the ears hear, the body feels and the heart vibrates to be “enlightened.

The important thing I want to convey to all of you is that: regardless of religion, age, education level, social status, etc., the most important thing is: do you want to discover yourself, your attitude? The desire to learn, improve yourself to create a newer, better version of yourself every day and aim to do things that are useful for yourself, your family and society or not.

We are still here, still existing to share with you many good things in life. And, if we are fated, we can meet again in the program: Return to Yourself (R2Y), held monthly in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam.

This is a giveaway program & completely free for the public:

Wish you success & see you again!!!

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