Mr. Nicks Tran trains Leaders of WiPro Group – India

Improving leadership capacity and working productivity is one of the important & key factors to help businesses not only stabilize but also develop sustainably.

Last Friday, August 24th, Wipro Lighting System & Consumer Products Group (currently present in over 50 countries and growing strongly in Asia and the Middle East with leading brands) and is affirming its leading position with lighting products and office furniture) organized a special training program in Vietnam for more than 30 leaders in different positions in the business.

In this program, WiPro Group invited Asia’s NLP Expert (Neuro Linguistic Programming) who is also a senior consultant for international corporations – Mr. Nicks Tran.

This is a great opportunity for more than 30 business leaders to gain exposure to new knowledge and skills. With support and knowledge from Mr. Nicks Tran, leaders have received a rather special part in their personal and business development.

First, identify what an outstanding leader needs to be equipped with: decision making and problem solving.

Decision making requires the use of all skills, experience and constant learning to make the best decision.

If in the process of implementing the plan, there are problems that need to be solved, an outstanding leader always thinks positively so that the plan can return to the right trajectory.

In particular, the leaders were able to apply their learned knowledge into a game “Unity overcome adversity”.

Although this is a game, if a leader cannot figure out how to see the problem and handle it flexibly, it will be difficult to complete the game.

In this training program, leaders of the WiPro corporation learn basic and advanced skills and knowledge, helping them become masters of leadership and apply those skills to their work.

This will help the group go further on the path of sustainable development and maintain its leading position in the field of consumer products and lighting systems.

Wishing all the leaders success in their journey and bring prosperity to the WiPro corporation!

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