Mr. Nicks Tran Received the 2023 Dat Viet Enterprises Gold Star Award

“Work in silence, success will speak for you”. This is one of the sayings that I have learned and applied in my journey to realizing my dream.

And, in 2012 I was honored to receive the Business Style Award (2012). A gift that demonstrates my efforts and contributions to the community and society.

Continuing my success, today, September 10, 2023, after more than 10 years since being awarded the Business Style Award (2012), I am honored to be awarded the 10th Vietnamese Entrepreneur Gold Star Award 2023.

A prestigious award is not only for individuals who have made positive contributions to the business community and society, but most importantly, individual efforts have been honored and recognized.

The Golden Star Award for Vietnamese Entrepreneurs is the motivation and belief for me and my colleagues to continue the journey of dedicating youth, intelligence, experience, etc. for community & society.

Besides, we are committed to not only dedicating our youth, intelligence, experience, etc. but also continue the goal of Entrepreneurship/Enterprise for the community, which means continuing the volunteer mission, giving more to help less fortunate people and vulnerable people to have a better life. every aspect of life.

Please send your best wishes so that we will have the motivation to continue with greater goals, contributing to bringing prosperity, joy & happiness to millions of people around the world.

We invite you to watch the details of the Vietnam Entrepreneur Gold Star Award program

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