Health is an important factor indispensable in our life. It not only ensures us to be able to carry out our daily activities efficiently, but it is also the foundation for a happy and successful life.

First, good health helps us maintain a healthy body. When we have good health, we can enjoy life to the fullest and not be limited by health problems. We can engage in physical activities, explore the world around us, and enjoy life’s pleasures.

Second, our health also affects our mental and spiritual well-being. When our bodies are healthy, we have better energy and spirit to face life’s challenges. Good health also helps improve memory, concentration and thinking ability, helping us to function effectively in work and study.

Finally, health is also an important factor in achieving success in life. When we have good health, we can work hard, achieve our goals and fulfill our dreams. Good health also helps us maintain an optimistic and confident spirit, facilitating personal and professional growth.

Those are the benefits that any of us know the importance of health and proper medical care.

However, not all of us can afford adequate medical care. Because there are so many people out there, so many lives that are extremely difficult, need a lot of golden hearts to help them have better health every day.

This is also the reason that the project: Active Health Care was born.

The program is extremely necessary and humane. We need a lot of benefactors and sponsors to join hands to raise funds to build many health centers and clinics in remote districts/communes so that people can receive health care, contributing to bringing joy, happiness & prosperity to the country we have the opportunity to set foot in.

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