Leadership, one of the decisive skills for success

Many people say that Leadership is an innate talent, a special gift. This thinking is completely correct, but leadership is also an art, a skill acquired through study and practice.

It doesn’t matter what profession you do, your age, education level etc., what matters is whether you want to become a true leader or not.

It’s a great pleasure to have the opportunity to share about art & leadership skills for business owners, especially young startups organized by Meta Success in Ho Chi Minh City, on Saturday, November 18, 2023.

The first impression is the enthusiasm and extremely eager to learn attitude of the students. Although there are only more than 60 leadership seeds in the classroom, the energy radiated can be measured by the energy of an auditorium of 300 – 500 students combined.

And, the journey to becoming future leaders begins with fundamental but extremely profound lessons:

  1. Lessons about a leader’s attitude.
  2. Two (02) basic things of a leader (1) decision making (2) problem solving.

Next, a lesson on the art of self-leadership through the “peacock feather” lesson. From there, it helps students realize and understand the resources and potential abilities that lie within each person, specifically the power of the “subconscious mind”.

Not only that, students can also experience a personality test to know their strengths and weaknesses so that they can better understand and improve themselves every day.

In particular, from understanding ourselves, we can understand others, helping us know how to love, sympathize, as well as know how to accept each other to build good relationships with the team, with teammates, as well as others. as our customers & partners in the future.

Next is the commitment to action part, each student demonstrates their determination through a mini game by breaking the elastic bands attached to their wrists.

The joy was overwhelming because 100% of the students passed that seemingly simple challenge.


And, there are many, many extremely valuable lessons that continue to be shared throughout the program.

I would like to stop here for now, and continue sharing for the next leadership courses.

The important thing I want to send to anyone who reads these lines is: any success begins with learning, learning selectively, knowing how to select important skills that need to be perfected. Be good first, know how to choose for yourself a mentor who has enough Mind – Vision – Talent to study, know how to choose a good organization to send your studies to, as well as continue to lead you to a higher level.



Wishing you always be confident on the path you have chosen.


Mr. Nicks Tran

Your #1 Fan

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