Gifts giving for poor, near-poor, and difficult families, sponsored by Mr. NICK’S TRAN and Philanthropists

Up to the appointment again, the program: Caring for the lives of poor and near-poor people.

This is one of the extremely practical & meaningful activities launched by the Leaders of the People’s Committee, Ward 5, Go Cong Town, Tien Giang Province, Vietnam.

In the third quarter of 2023, the program: Caring for the lives of poor and near-poor people continued to take place.

Today, Sunday, August 13, 2023, Nicks Tran and Kind Heart team collaborated with the People’s Committee of Ward 5 to organize the distribution of gifts and necessities for poor children in Ward 5,Go Cong Town, Tien Giang, province, Vietnam.

The atmosphere of the show was dignified & warm. We see and feel joy and happiness are not only practical gifts from us, but most importantly, the attention of the State and Local Leaders for people who are still difficulties in their lives.

Vice Chairman of Ward 5 People’s Committee, Mr. Pham Ngo Tuan Tu expressed his sincere thanks to the sponsors and those who supported & participated in the program. The care and affection shared from the sponsors have spread joy and brought warmth to the poor, at the same time, the program not only helps poor people temporarily overcome difficulties but also has a positive influence in the community.

Finally, Mr. Tu called for the support and contributions of the community so that the program could continue and spread to more people, contributing to building a prosperous and happy society.

Mr. Nicks Tran – Founder of Nick’s Tran Foundation (NTF), shared that he is very happy with his successful contribution to charity work, his desire is to call for the generosity of people, especially especially the sponsors to join hands to share and help the difficult lives. The beneficiaries of the fund’s support include the homeless, orphans, the elderly alone, and those who have difficulty accessing education, health care, and personal development opportunities.

Mission of Nick’s Tran Foundation is to identify and understand the needs and difficulties of the poor and disadvantaged, and thereby share support, love, and bring positive change to their lives. Nick’s Tran Foundation organizes many notable charity activities, such as: building housing for the poor, providing nutrition programs for children, sponsoring vocational education and training programs, providing services free medical care and set up a scholarship fund for students with difficult circumstances. Not only operating in Vietnam, the fund will also organize many activities in other countries in Southeast Asia.

He hopes that through the appeal of people’s generosity, more resources and money will be donated so that the Nicks Tran International Charity Foundation can bring help to more disadvantaged people. He believes that when we come together to spread love and help, every drop of water makes an ocean and every small action brings opportunity and hope to those in need.

Through this program, we believe that many difficult circumstances will be helped and cared for, and will create more motivation for the social community to make more efforts to take care of and share difficulties with others. people living in difficult circumstances. Together, we will build a united and developed society, contribute to the eradication of poverty and create a better living environment for all.

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