“Education is the most powerful weapon to change the world” – Nelson Mandela, is a saying that is always true for each individual, every country & always true in all times.

Looking at an individual or family members, through their communication, behavior, work, income or social status, we will know how prosperous that country will be.

However, with developing countries, including Vietnam. For various reasons, the priority strategy for education reform still has many limitations and needs a lot of time to improve people’s intellectual level.

As a person who came out of the pedagogy industry, has a teaching and training experience of more than 20 years. More than anyone else, I am very eager to do something to contribute to the education of my country & other developing countries.

That’s why the project: Innovation of teaching & learning methods was established.

The project was born with the mission: Helping 1 million Vietnamese teachers access the most advanced educational methods in the world.

To realize the above mission, it is very necessary to have a team of highly qualified professionals and abundant financial resources. Therefore, I call on benefactors and donors to contribute and sponsor this project to be realized.

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