Hello Guys!

I remember in a training program for the business community in Vietnam in 2019.

In part of the lecture, I shared a short clip about a disabled person being given a wheelchair

When the clip just ended, I looked down at the auditorium, the emotional image that entered my eyes & in my heart was the tears of the students sitting below the auditorium.

I guess that clip touched the depths of their souls & compassion. Right at that moment, a saying appeared in my mind: “helping one person doesn’t change the world, and changes the whole world of that person”.

And, that saying has become my spiritual philosophy since that day until now.

Dear friends!!!

When you read this line of confession, that is also the message that I want to send to you, that is: “each of us has a “buddhist nature”, ie love, compassion… for those weak or less fortunate than themselves”.

Billionaire Bill Gates also shared that “the richest person on the planet is not someone who has a lot of money, but someone who is willing to give whatever they can”.

The Bible says, “Give, and it will be given to you”
Join us in sharing, spreading love & compassion by making financial contributions in your ability to help many people who are in dire need of our help.