Leadership, one of the decisive skills for success

Many people say that Leadership is an innate talent, a special gift. This thinking is completely correct, but leadership is also an art, a skill acquired through study and practice. It doesn’t matter what profession you do, your age, education level etc., what matters is whether you want to become a true leader or not…..

Stop, slow down to reflect on your life!!!

People REMEMBER many things (old memories, painful past, loss…), but they forget one thing: FORGOTTEN GRACE (GRATITUDE). People care about many things from the outside (appearance, comparing superiority, talking about other people’s stories…), but they forget one thing: FORGET TO TAKE CARE OF THEMSELVES FROM THE INSIDE. People think about getting rich from the outside….

Mr. Nicks Tran Received the 2023 Dat Viet Enterprises Gold Star Award

“Work in silence, success will speak for you”. This is one of the sayings that I have learned and applied in my journey to realizing my dream. And, in 2012 I was honored to receive the Business Style Award (2012). A gift that demonstrates my efforts and contributions to the community and society. Continuing my….

Mr. Nicks Tran trains Leaders of WiPro Group – India

Improving leadership capacity and working productivity is one of the important & key factors to help businesses not only stabilize but also develop sustainably. Last Friday, August 24th, Wipro Lighting System & Consumer Products Group (currently present in over 50 countries and growing strongly in Asia and the Middle East with leading brands) and is….

Gifts giving for poor, near-poor, and difficult families, sponsored by Mr. NICK’S TRAN and Philanthropists

Up to the appointment again, the program: Caring for the lives of poor and near-poor people. This is one of the extremely practical & meaningful activities launched by the Leaders of the People’s Committee, Ward 5, Go Cong Town, Tien Giang Province, Vietnam. In the third quarter of 2023, the program: Caring for the lives….