Sponsoring the organization of War Invalids and Martyrs’ Day 27/07/2023

The culture of gratitude, the culture of drinking water, remembering the source, not only Vietnam but other countries around the world still maintain & promote that cultural spirit. Every year, on the anniversary of Invalids and Martyrs’ Day on July 27, Nicks Tran and his team, somehow, directly or indirectly, remember this special day. Not….

2023 Visiting & Giving gifts at Dieu Giac Orphans House in HCM city, Vietnam – 05/08/2023

“MEGA MILLIONS MISSION” – MMM (mission for helping millions of people) is not only the title of a book (author by Nicks Tran), not only… “heart command”, but also Nicks Tran’s practical giving actions and the “Kind Heart” work together. Today, August 5, 2023, we, the “Kind Heart” team had a visit & gave gifts….